Fjallabak, August 2020

At the very beginning of our road trip to Iceland in the strange year of 2020, we have made a short side trip we have always wanted to do since 1990. Landmannalaugar, in the Iceland’s Fjallabak, the land behind the mountains.

A small collection of pictures from the long evening drive to Landmannalaugar from the airport, the climb of Brennisteinsalda next day and the trip back along the gravel road called Fjallabaksleið nyrðri to the upper Þjórsá river valley via the almost forgotten Sigöldugljúfur waterfall. After reaching the Þjórsá river valley again, so already leaving the Fjallabak proper, we visited the misty Háifoss waterfall and stayed for the night at Tjaldsvæðið Sandártunga, a camping place hidden in a dwarf birch forest. Gallery (91 images)

Then, we went via Kaldidalur to Snæefelsnes peninsula and fulfilled our trip in Vestfirðir, the Western Fjords.