Kaldidalur, August 2020

After a day in Fjallabak, we drove from the Þjórsá river valley to the Snæfellsnes peninsula via the majestic Kaldidalur route between the huge Langjökull glacier and the Ok mountain (its glacier had already melted…), visiting on the way three fine waterfalls.

The first waterfall, Brúarfoss, is one of these typical internet-driven tourist attractions of Iceland. To the shock of landowners and habitatants of the nearby collection of summer houses, a few years ago hordes of tourist suddenly appeared and started to penetrate the area in the search of this newly discovered and so well-hidden treasure, a true insider tip, etc. disturbing everyone and everything on their way. Presently, a parking has been built, a muddy path avoiding houses marked, a bridge repaired, viewpoints set, but the traces of a conflict still remain: barbed wire fences and signboards Private Property — No Trespassing!

The road via Kaldidalur (mostly unpaved gravel road, F550, no fords) connects the Þingvellir area with Húsafell through highlands. By good weather you are rewarded with finest views. (By bad weather… There is an orange rescue hut, which is definitely not just accidentally placed in the middle of nowhere.) After passing the stony and grim desert, green valleys of Húsafell are more than welcome.

The snapshots from this part of the journey: Gallery (60 images)