Beskid Sądecki, May 2023

A week with a small private party in the Beskid Sądecki on the both sides of the Poprad river valley taking Małe Pieniny by the way. The spring break in the Carpathians!

The route was roughly (mainly on foot, but with strategic transfers by bus or lift): Cracow — (bus) — Rytro — Schronisko Cyrla — Hala Pisana — Wierch nad Kamieniem — Hala Łabowska — Runek — Bacówka nad Wierchomlą — Runek — Przysłop — Góra Krzyżowa — Krynica Zdrój — (bus) — Czarny Potok — (lift) — Jaworzyna Krynicka — Runek — Bacówka nad Wierchomlą — Pusta Wielka — Wierchomla — (bus) — Piwniczna — Niemcowa — Wielki Rogacz — Obidza — Przełęcz Rozdziele — Biała Woda — Jaworki — Wąwóz Homole — below Wysoka — Durbaszka — by Rabsztyn — Palenica — (lift) — Szczawnica — Bacówka pod Bereśnikiem — Dzwonkówka — Krościenko nad Dunajcem — (bus) — Cracow.  Staying overnight in mountain huts or private rooms.

Pictures from the trip are inevitably haunted by the mighty Tatra montains range appearing at a distance as a strikingly white cloud on the southwestern horizon. A clear contrast to the dark brown-green forests and meadows of the Beskid ridges, and extemely photogenic. During our stay, a warmer and wetter weather period convinced the Carpathian beech trees to develop fresh green leaves although the nights were still very cold. At the end of our route — descending to the Dunajec river valley — it was clear that the spring came definitely also to the higher hills.

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